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Precision Ag EXPO
Tuesday 02nd April, 2019 - 09:00 am
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The aim of this event is to educate farmers of the environmental benefits in the application of precision agricultural (PA) technologies on farm through hosting a PA EXPO in the region. The EXPO, specifically targets the productive gains of PA tools, however, it is imperative, that landholders are aware of the environmental and social benefits that make up sustainable and healthy farms. This project application aims to add value by inviting guest speakers who can promote the tripe bottom line benefits (NRM, productive, social) of PA.

The EXPO will demonstrate that protecting the soil base is a viable and economically rewarding means of lifting productivity, by providing land managers with the confidence and skills to undertake sustainable farm practices. Specifically, the EXPO will;

  • Increase awareness of sustainability issues associated with agricultural production across the South West WA through application of appropriate inputs (seed, chemical and fertiliser)  for each identified land zone (site specific management),
  • Increase adopting of best practices via operation of precision agriculture methodologies and concepts,
  • Provide advice on identification of problem soils in attempt to avoid further soil degradation and declining  productivity,
  • Provide advice to manage and protect cropping land from erosion using better targeted, strategic applications of farm inputs.
  • Increase landholder knowledge and accountability in land management.




Stubbs Park Pavilion
Dumbleyung WA 6350
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