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Pasture to Pocket Workshop
Wednesday 26th June, 2019 - 08:30 am
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This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to regenerative grazing land management. In two and a half days producers will gain the knowledge and tools to improve the productivity of grazing country and livestock in an ecologically sound and financially viable manner.

The first two days of this workshop are in class training and focus on the interconnectedness between livestock, pastures and profit. The third morning neatly brings together learning from the previous days, leaving producers motivated and ready to implement changes to lift land, production and profit to a new level.


  • the three secrets to profit
  • ecological function and management
  • ruminant nutrition, supplementation economics and strategies
  • the nine principles of reproduction
  • understanding carrying capacity and stocking rate
  • grazing management systems and the principles of regenerative grazing
  • introduction to grazing charts
  • planning management activities based on feed quality and quantity
  • planning and development
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