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Landscape Rehydration - Introductory Workshop
Saturday 14th September, 2019 - 09:30 am
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What will you learn?


  • What is the difference between a hydrated and a dehydrated landscape? 
  • How is the function and fertility of that landscape affected? 
  • How is the water cycle affected? 
  • Can you recognise natural patterns and processes that have built and rebuilt the landscape over millennia?  
  • Can you rebuild the natural fertility of a landscape for the benefit of agriculture and the environment? 
  • Yes, you can!

This one day workshop will introduce you to the theory and practice of landscape rehydration. You’ll learn how plants and water - together - have built the landscape we see in front of us today. This 3.5 billion year relationship has built fertile soils, amazing biodiversity and a comfortable climate.  However, this very relationship - which has driven evolution - is breaking down at every scale.

The good news is – we can turn things around. This workshop will introduce you to some very practical measures that you can apply on your place. You’ll learn how to read the natural patterns and processes that built a functional landscape in the first place. By understanding how plants and the water cycle together harness and dissipate energy, you will begin to learn how to rebuild a functional and resilient landscape, address soil erosion and build fertility. The quality of the plant - water cycle relationship has a direct impact on the health and productivity of your property. It makes sense to understand how it works - and if its broken – how to fix it!

What will be provided?

  • Please, BYO lunch and snacks for the day.
  • Please bring appropriate clothing to be outside in the elements on farm, water, hat, sunscreen and sturdy shoes.
  • Notes will be sent to you via email after the event. Please bring your own pad and pen etc for taking personal notes on the day.

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4th September 2019
Mulloon Institute
Boyup Brook WA 6244
Tickets $286, available from Monday 26 August, via