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Landcare Checks In - Native grasses for grazing and grain
Monday 08th February, 2021 - 02:00 am
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Landcare Checks In is back for 2021. We are really keen to make these fortnightly chat sessions relevant and useful to our members and to landcarers across Western Australia. We would love to hear about topics you would like Landcare Checks In to cover during 2021.
The 2021 Landcare Checks In year will start on Monday 8 February with a discussion about native grasses and their value for grazing and grain. We have some exciting resource people lined up and we are looking forward to hearing about research and trails underway and how we can utilise native grasses for biodiversity and productivity.
To get you all primed up for a robust discussion in early February you may like to take a look at the Native Grains Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series. This series has been developed by the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney and provides a series of webinars and smaller video-clip highlights on the Youtube playlist "Native Grains: from Paddock to Plate"
Join us for Landcare Checks In on Monday 8 February at 2.00 – 3.00 pm on Zoom
Discussion Topic: Native grasses for grazing and grain
Why are Native Grasses so valuable?
What research and trials are underway with native grasses?
How can we utilise native grasses in our system for biodiversity and productivity.
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